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Admission Procedures

Learning begins at home and school is but an extension of the foundation that gets set during the child's formative year. At AIS, child is at the centre of learning triangle which comprises of the parent, the school and the teachers. These three have considerable impact on the child and each of them has to work equally hard to ensure that the child progresses.

  1. Parents seeking admission for their ward must submit the completely filled in Admission Form along with necessary document to the school admin office.
  2. The parents will be responsible for the particulars that they have filled in. If it is found that the information provided to the school is false/incorrect, the admission will be cancelled.
  3. The complete admission form must be submitted to the admin office with
    1. student's passport size photo
    2. certified copy of the birth certificate (for pre school)
      original school leaving certificate / transfer certificate of previous school attended.
    3. Copy of mark sheet for previous school attended
  4. Admission to the school is considered on the basis of Age, Merit and Vacancies.
  5. Admission process to the primary class involves written test and personal interaction.
  6. The attendance of both parent with child seeking admission is must at the time of written test and personal interaction.
  7. The school reserves a right to grant / reject the admission to a student.
  8. School appreciates the talent which a child seeking admission to AIS possesses. It could be in the form of creative art, performing art or any sport. School may give preference to such outstanding performer or award winner for admission provided he/she have exhibited such talent at state, national or international level.
  9. School has kept 2 (two) seats reserved for NRI students (directly migrating from foreign country) in each class. To blossom the atmosphere of global dimension, such students shall be admitted even if maximum strength of number of student in each class exceed the one decided by school management.
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