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Dr. Jyoti Trivedi
School Dietitian

Dr. Jyoti Trivedi is our School Dietician; having a clinical experience of more than 10 years. She is expert in making diet charts for all age groups, especially for children. Healthy diet is the key for living fit. Healthy diet even prevents some health issue too. She designs school's snack, lunch menus according to the nutritional need of growing child and administrates the school's kitchen department.


Mr. Ramchandra Nizama
Black Belt Karate Trainer
Self control, Discipline and Respect are the traits Mr Ramchandra Nizama; the Black Belt Karate trainer of AIS will implant in our students. As he says...

"Wearing a Black Belt does not mean you are invincible...

It means you never gave up;

Worked past the pain,

Overcame the disappointments, didn't cave

Into your doubts, Faced your tears

And learned enough to realize how little you actually know."

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