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School is situated on N.H. and keeping the safety at its centre, school strongly discourages unorganised mode of transport (Rikhshaw and Maruti Van).

School is faced with following four complex issues while dealing with the transportation of school children.

Safety of students

Transport Timings

Cost of transport

Following RTO norms for accommodating numbers of students


Considering all these aspects, school is providing 12 SCHOOL BUSES (8 Eicher Buses 30 seaters and 4 Echer Buses 51 seaters) facility to the students for the purpose of transportation.

This SCHOOL BUS will have following implication

1, SCHOOL BUS will have a driver and a conductor.

2, SCHOOL BUS will have inbuilt

- GPS tracker,
- Speed checker
- Efficient fuel consumption mechanism.

3, SCHOOL BUS will run only on a designated stops

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