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Salient Features Of AIS

My Day Book :

Concept of Writing "My Day Book" is a regular practice for all the students. The idea behind this is to cultivate the habit of writing and develop independent thinking abilities. The students are required to write a few lines about what they did on that particular day. Their emotions, feelings, activities and any other important event can find place in the daily diary.

Warm Up Period :

The school has a warm up session of 30 minutes daily in the morning where by students are occupied with aerobics, yoga, stretching exercises, etc. It gives a boost to the blood circulation and gets rid of early morning drowsiness.

Circle Timings :

This is specially meant for Pre- Primary students. Every Monday morning, children are given 15 minutes to narrate activities done speak in public. It also helps the child in developing an emotional bonding with the teacher.

Field Trips:

The greatest possible gift we can give a child is the freedom to grow. Let the child head for the mountains if he wishes to touch snow, for no amount of reading or talking about snow will allow him the immense pleasure of reading to the top after gruelling climb and experiencing fresh snow himself. Field trips are important as the world around true knowledge is imparted outside the four walls of the classroom.

Celebration :
Important Days

Important days like World Environment Day, World Music Day, Hindi Diwas, etc. are celebrated so that children understand the importance of socially and environmental related issues.


India is a land of diverse cultural heritage. We have many festivals. Celebrating the festivals not only help in social development but generates respect and teaches the value of different religion. It also imbibes the thought of celebrating life in its totality and enjoying life to its fullest.

Colour Days for Pre - Primary Children

Life should be full of colours. Each colour is meant to be seen and enjoyed separately. Celebrating different colour days helps the tiny tots to recognize various colours and understand its significance in their lives.

Prayer Timings :

Every morning we begin our day with prayers in school. Morning assembly prayers are soothing for the mind. Also, they instil positive thinking in us. It is the only time when the entire school gets together for a common purpose.

Meditation during the prayers helps to improve the concentration level in the students. Group prayers help in instilling good moral values.

Picnics :

We believe that "Learning should be fun' and children should get a break from their hectic academic schedule. So picnic as a part of curriculum is organized by school to different places. It serves a dual purpose of education and enjoyment.

Melange :

Every Year the school celebrated its Annual Day. It is not only an evening of entertainment but also provides a platform for the students to manifest their talents in performing arts where parents get an opportunity to watch their children performing on the stage. Our 'Melange' being Theme Oriented highlights many of the social issues prevailing in our society.

Adventure Camp :

The school organized 'Adventure Camp' at school on for the students of pre primary to grade XII in order to engulf our students with lots of physical and recreational activities as an essential part of their schooling.

The camp was duly supervised by the professional instructors. Children were excited and basked in various adventurous activities like Valley Crossing, Zorbing, Tarzan Swing, Hopscotch, Monkey Crawl, Burma Bridge, Rope Ladder Climbing and many more.

Open Bharuch Talent Hunt Competition :

School has organized open Bharuch Talent Hunt Competition. The purpose is to provide a platform to a budding artist of Bharuch to show each their talent in different fields. The artistic dexterity of the upcoming stars comes to the fore.

Summer Camp :

Summer Camp delivers fun with purpose. School arranges summer camps for all children in the month of May. They help the child to develop character, learn valuable life skills, make new friends and discover new interests. They have a dutch of exciting, involving and empowering programmes for children.

Supw :

SUPW, the brain child of the centre of vocational education is formulated with following objectives-

  • To become self-confident with a sense of self responsibility.
  • To understand principles and facts involved in various forms of work.
  • To develop good manners, proper work habit in school and society.

Pinnacle School Magazine :

The objective behind bringing out the school magazine is to provide an open forum for exchange of ideas about the overall education of children in general and to develop a bridge of friendship between the school and the society at large. It is a literary medium which mirrors the aspirations and accomplishments of the students who seek to savour success.

Annual Sports Day :

It is believed that learning and playing are complementary to each other. Participating in sports helps them to experience the joy of winning and they also learn how to lose without being disappointed and disillusioned. They develop a feeling of sportsmanship and team spirit. Every year the Annual sports Day in our school is held on 26th January.

Our school participates in all the district Level Sports completions. The school imparts training in the following outdoor and indoor games.

Outdoor Indoor
Cricket Chess
Kho- Kho Carrom
Volley Ball Table Tennis
Hand Ball  
Science Fair :

It is impossible to detach ourselves from science. Science plays a very important and useful our life and can be a friend or foe according to the way it is used. Science and its miracles, procured after long arduous researchers over the centuries have made life easier and enjoyable.

To provide an insight to the children in the field of science, every year our school participates in the science fair held at G.N.F.C. Students prepare science models and attractive charts with the help of their scientific temper and understand the application of science in their day-to-day life.

Annual Prize Distribution :

The most coveted, most cherished moment in a student's life is the Annual Prize Distribution. The school calendar has been planned in such a way to ensure a balanced blend of academics and co-curricular activities. Various competitions like storytelling, poem recitation, singing, dancing etc. had been conducted in the school so as to give wings to the child's imagination and develop their intellect and encourage their creativity.

Outside School Competitions :

School lays emphasis on making competent in all spheres of life. School encourages the students to participate in competitive exams like NSO, IEO, NCO, conducted by Olympiad Foundation, Hindi Rashtra Bhasha Pariksha, drawing competition, etc.

Coronet :

Its school’s annual art and craft exhibition. The creative work of the students, teachers and parents are displayed during coronet. Usually, it is annual activity but in past school has organised even interim coronet when there were many such work was found worth displaying.

MEDICAL FACILITY : School has first aid primary facility to take care of any medical emergency. School has a kit (prescribed by authentic doctor) of homeopathic medicines. In case of dare emergency – doctor on call facility may be provided.

Parent Interaction :

AIS encourages parents to take a proactive interest in their child's education and the school activities.

Every year the school will conduct an Orientation where new parents and children would come together and celebrate the partnership between home and school. Parents will interact with the school in many ways: every month, parents will be invited to review their child's work and meet with his/her teacher/s through an OPEN DAY HOUSE.

Parents are welcome to spend a day at school and observe their child at work.

The school will conduct workshops for parents regularly on various subjects.

Besides, parents are encouraged to partner with the school by taking a cooking class, storytelling, assisting teachers, offering student interns placement, planning a visit for the students or in any other way.

Teachers/coordinators/Principal will be available for any kind of consultation or discussion with parents - at one day's prior notice.

Tuition Policy :

Since the school follows a progressive and sophisticated methodology, external tuition and coaching classes are not advised. In the event you would like to send your child for external classes on any subject, we strongly urge you to discuss it with the school in advance.

Financial Assistance :

AIS offers the Fellowship to offset part of the fees in special cases. Parents wishing financial assistance must fill up the form and comply with all the factors for assistance.

Parents wishing to sponsor children either in full or part, are requested to get in touch with the Director.

Bright Mind Shine :

Bright Mind Shine is a platform where students showcase what they have understood over a term to parents, teachers, and peers. Choice and voice is exercised as students pick their area of strength to present. There are three components to each Bright Mind Shine: visibility of knowledge (through charts), process of learning (through demonstrations), and understanding (through presentations and interactions with visitors). It is an opportunity to celebrate each student's learning which makes students feel proud and special.

Cultural evening is one such project wherein school intends to provide platform to school children to perform anything.

Buddy Interaction :

Buddy interaction is driven by the understanding that learning can take place independent of age and gender, because when you listen carefully you will always learn. A community is enabled by sharing competencies.

Buddy Interaction promotes an extended relationship between students of different age groups and levels. It makes children step out of the 'my class' syndrome and regard their school as one community. Buddy interaction essentially promotes strong relationships within the school.

Camps (proposed) :

Camps provide an opportunity to get students out of their comfort zone. The comforts that students are normally accustomed to are taken away and they must cope and adapt to this new environment.

Spending time in a natural setting helps students build awareness and appreciate nature better, which can translate into behavioural changes in their daily routine.

Students Exchange Programme (Proposed) :

Amicus has entered into an agreement with Georgia South West University of USA for caption subject. Exchange programs with other schools in the city, state, country, and around the world moves students from self to the world and vice versa. Students are able to experience different cultures, ideas, and thoughts. Through interactions and dialogues, students expand their vision of how connected they are and yet how to celebrate differences. Sharing their own experiences and learning from others keeps ideas alive and helps them to grow. This helps students reduce the fear of the unknown and allow them to be more competent and less helpless.

Funderstanding (Proposed) :

Funderstanding provides a platform for students to demonstrate their understanding to an audience. It helps parents to get an idea of the learning level of their child's class in each domain, without depending on a quantitative assessment in the form of grades and marks. This experience helps the child to build confidence since presentations are in front of a large and unfamiliar audience. The students become the ambassadors for the school as they showcase the philosophy and values of the school.

Internships (Proposed) :

The best learning is the one where skills are applied in a real-life context. During Internships, students assume the role of apprentices in a professional set-up. When students experience a real-life working situation, they need to call upon various skills learnt in school and develop those not learnt. Seeing the relevance of skill sets they learnt at school helps students to take ownership of their own performance.

Designing learning experiences where the students are answerable to or working for a genuine client’s specifications provides the best motivation for enduring understanding to take place. Enduring understanding takes place when a student adapts, improvises and multi-tasks between skills and intelligence to solve problems or create products in a meaningful and genuine context.

The focus shifts from developing skills to understanding work ethics in a professional set-up.

Learning Embedded in Real Life :

Learning is not done in isolation. Using authentic materials and experiences brings the real world into the classroom and learning into the real world. Students are able to apply a range of skills and content knowledge across domains. Authentic experiences establish relevance to what is being learned in the classroom, allowing learning to be deep and meaningful, rather than superficial.

Learning is superficial when information is memorized and regurgitated to pass a test. Learning is internalized when the student experiences and applies the concepts of skills in a real-life situation. They become more motivated when they see the practical application of skills and concepts.

Making Learning Visible :

The overall goal of Making Learning Visible is to create and sustain powerful cultures of learning in and across classrooms and schools that nurture and make visible individual and group learning. It makes the complex world simpler and creates awareness of the school's work and the student's learning process among the parents. Making Learning Visible is NOT a 'reporting' but a sharing. Over time it enables parents to contribute in positive and meaningful ways for their child's growth.

Provocation and Installation (Proposed) :

Learning happens when interest is provoked in some area and a student is motivated to explore further. Curiosity is the first step that starts the learning process. It may be sparked by chance or constructed intentionally in a learning environment. Although children are naturally curious about many things, learning will only take place once that curiosity is deepened into interest. Interest leads to real learning. In the natural progression of learning through the years, this may be followed by passion that can result in self-actualization. True education should lift students towards that self-actualization, whether it is coming through dance, sports, or classroom activities.

The natural process of learning can be integrated into the framework of the regular curriculum. Exposing students to a variety of inspiring influences at every stage of their growth in school provides the “hook” that opens up the curiosity and potential for every child.

Provocation is the means by which curiosity is sparked. Exploration helps teachers to identify in what areas the students’ interest lies. As the teacher encourages the class to persist with an idea, an installation is created. The installation is the end product of their idea. Emphasis is on the process of creating the installation since it is this process that leads to meaningful learning.

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